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We all rode hard.....

It was an L shape course.

It Hurt.

I'm not there yet, but I'm glad my teammates, JMS, FS, the infamous NF and Professor AR.......were having a good ride.  They all finished safe and sound, getting in some great crit training with the pros and watching each others backs.

I for the most part felt like a rat in a hamster wheel engaged in a perpetual dash from the start to finish.  Each lap was a barbarically obstinate display of wasted energy. My fragile moral was teetering on the void.  If I dared to focus on the entire 90 minute task that lay in front of me I might run off into the bushes and cry like a feeble child. My sole purpose it seemed was to complete a lap and do it again as fast as I could without a moment of respite in between.  I guess that's the way it should be......surviving the moment and embracing it all at once.

The peloton was alive and I focused on its movements.  I visualized it as one giant organism allowing  my peripheral senses to guide me into magical lanes that opened at just the right moment.  If my senses failed me, I would  most likely end up wrapped around the metal dividers,  stuck in the gutter, or shredded by the mob of rabid riders behind me and I didn't want to ruin another team kit.

At some point near the end of my obstinate journey I found the path....I saw the light and I went for it...I shot in front of leaders and then rocketed away from them as if they carried the plague.  Nirvana, I told myself, lay just around the next corner and my life now finally had meaning.  And then, my legs just failed.  150 yards in front of a enraged peloton I cratered like liquid elephant dung with lead sinkers as ballast.  Then a rider bridged up and passed me..I suffered trying to grab his wheel....and then I suffered even more as I failed to grab his wheel.  Two more riders bridged up and past me they went.  Then In a full sprint of whatever worthless strength I could summon I threw in a last ditch effort to catch back on to this select group...Head down, standing and stomping on the pedals, I smacked into a glued on raised reflector in the middle of the road and just about ate asphalt in front of the announcer on the finishing straight.  I racked my ribs in the process.  The ribs that were ailing from when I broke them a few weeks ago......I proceeded to die on my bike suffering for two more laps.  Then without hesitation I threw in the towel and resigned myself to the first aid tent.

My lungs were not punctured.  So it was just pain. I would live.

I hope to be healthy soon.

The guys all finished......and finished well.

Jesse Miller Smith had an outstanding race.  Finishing 36 in the GC not bad considering this is a pro race, and we are a first year amateur team.  Good job team.

Frank Spiteri a respectable 47th

Art Rand 72nd

Nate Freed 99th the Lanterne Rouge

Me DNF......I was in it for fitness.
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One of the more amazing and interesting commentaries on any sporting event that I have ever read. Great racer, great mechanic and an even better writer. Thanks for sharing your insight Chris.

Apr 7 2011

joe smith says...

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