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My racing number for the day is 666. Time to make some legs hurt. 4 times up Cantelow and 99 miles with what felt like 99 degree heat.

Attacks went and got brought back. Nate English drilling it crazy hard up Cantelow hill made everyone chase to stay in the race.

A small group was off the front and attacks to try and bridge across were not working. The pace slowed to a casual group ride. Our field was neutralized as the masters passed us.

Marc Pro and then Fremont Bank went to the front to bring back the breakaway. We passed the masters field back and a couple of other fields. Caught the break and attacks were flying.

A good breakaway of 6 was formed that I was lucky to be part of and I had a teammate! We worked hard to create a growing gap. I suffered up the last time up Cantelow and stay connected with the breakaway. Chris Stastny from Cal Giant flatted after the hill and we all new they would start chasing hard.

The breakaways gap started shrinking. We are almost to the finish and could feel the peloton breathing down our necks. We must keep going. Rossi jumps first as I’m sitting on Yury’s wheel. And the sprint is on. I sit in Yury’s draft for a few seconds then pull around digging deep then put the afterburners on for the last few meters to the line.

I won!!!!… I can’t believe it.

Author and team member KEITH HILLIER can be found on Twitter @ keithhillier, breaking records on STRAVA and racing via USA Cycling license #276108.

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That animated photo is awesome!

Sep 4 2011

Nick says...

Congratulations Keith and Jason. Great team work and even better results. MPS rocks. NorCal racing season

Sep 4 2011

joe says...

sorry I meant to say Justin but I had also just read Jason great results in Bend. Hard to keep track of all the podiums with this team.

Sep 4 2011

joe says...

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