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I was pretty sure I wasn't going to race when I saw this message on Facebook:
Who will be racing both Wards Ferry and Regalado road races this weekend and want to carpool and split hotel? I have room for 3.
I toyed with the thought of racing, looked at the Ward's Ferry profile (pretty damn hilly) and the weather conditions (80% chance apocalyptic rain conditions) and decided against it.  I don't climb very well, or really, I don't enjoy it too much, so this race was off the table.  Then I thought about it, the other rider in this district who seems to be in every break/race that I am in doesn't climb very well either - so, I should go to this race, get my nuts kicked in by the skinny climber dudes, try to hurt their feelings on the descents, and gain more strength for the next battle with my sworn enemy RAND MILLER.

You heard it here Rand, it's on, WWE Style! That's right, next time I see you , I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey!

Chuck stepping on Rand's neck.

Sorry, got carried away there for a second.  Back to the race report.

So I respond to the Facebook post, from Bryontron Anson, let him know we can carpool. Yes, his name is Bryantron.  Apparently his mom liked the dog Brian from family guy,

and his dad liked the movie Tron,

and they came up with Bryontron.

Sorry, lost the race focus again.  Anyway, Bryantron rides for Fremont Bank and had one teammate, who, like him could also climb.  In fact, everyone at this race could climb better than me - to include two juniors who were attacking the beJesus out of me.  The highlight of my race was watching this energizer bunny looking dude motor up anything that was in the direction "up".  I hated it.  After the first of five or six laps I realized my only hope was to get away on the rollers or the descent because I could not take much more of suffering on these climbs.  I got a pretty good gap on the descent, but when I looked back, who was chasing me?  Yup, Bryonton Anson.  Unspeakable things were going to happen to his food things while he was sleeping back at the hotel.

I cracked with one lap to go and rode the last lap solo hoping that none of the guys who dotted the course behind me would catch and eventually rolled in for 7th.

Who won?

Chris Phipps


Chris Phipps


Chris Phipps

Oh, that dude who has all the KOM Strava points in the bay area.

Actually, I am not really sure if the KOM Strava points is true, that's just what I heard, but I assure you, my people are checking it out for confirmation.

After the race I recognized Chris Phipps as the guy I kept snagging the KOM points from at the Barani Road Race the weekend before. Lucky for me those "KOM" points were really a mislabeled "sprint" spot that happened to be at the top of a very short power climb.  I would like to think that this was Chris's revenge for me taking what should have been his (at least in name), but I am sure to him last week was just a blip.

RegalAdo Road Race

The Regalado Road Race was more my style, rolling hills, a two mile dirt section and unfortunately only eight starters due to a forecast of 80% rain with low temperatures.   Rain did not appear for either race, in fact, the temperatures were wonderful and the roads were beautiful. The race was pretty non-nondescript with all of the action happening in the mud.  Each lap we dropped two guys there until there was four of us.  Probably the most exciting part of the race was when I was off with two laps to go and I watched the moto ref accidentally do a doughnut in the mud and then lay it down.  When I slowed to find out if he was OK the other three guys caught me.  Second time I have seen a moto ref go down, the first was during a crazy rainy criterium stage of Nature Valley where the dude slid out and took two riders with him into the metal crowd control barriers.  That race was ended, this one the moto ref was fine, got up and was on his way.  The race ended with me jumping away from the others on the final rollers with about two miles to go for the "win".

Every race you learn something new.  This race I learned that the best part about my travel companion Bryontron, besides his excellent ability to chase me down while I am desperately trying to fin a way to better my race in unfavorable conditions, the best part about Bryanton is his girlfriend who is a contestant in the show "The Voice".

Bryanton is the tall dude with the hat that says something like "oh yeah, she looks good" when they briefly go away from the singing scene.  She is a really good singer.
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obligatory comment so you know people actually read the blog. PS. Everyone should vote for Lindsey this monday. NBC at 8pm on The Voice - call in!

Mar 28 2012

Byron says...

Chuck nice report, you're taking on Rand in the witty reporting as well. Actually Wards was revenge for being referred to as "a rider in yellow" in your Bariani report. There's no yellow in our kits, maybe it was the tint of your sunglasses.

Mar 28 2012

Phipps says...

Chris, don't worry bud, I will never refer to you as "a rider in yellow" again. The image of what you look like as you ride away from me up the hill is now permenatly burned in my mind!

Mar 28 2012

Chuck says...

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