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First Race of the Year and Already a Win

Look at all that Castelli on the podium.

Teammates Art Rand and Chris Harland-Dunaway
Plan was to get Chris some points for an upgrade. After a few laps Chris had a mechanical. Art did a stellar job at managing the field and keeping the pace up on the last lap. I was dealing with a cold so I was far from feeling spectacular. It was fun playing with Bear Development Team and the Slipstream-Craddock Development Team. But in the end it came down to a bunch sprint. There was a hesitation in the field so I lit up the sprint from pretty far out and no one came around.

Feels pretty good to get a win outta the way.

Amazing sunset on the cool down spin. Gotta love the central coast.

Time to kick this cold...
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Did you race the junior field?

Feb 4 2013

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