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Everyone watched Justin Rossi get out of his car with envy.  Had he had long hair, he would have shook it like Fabio in the breeze, and several young women would have fainted.

Jarred Kessler would have fainted too, for he was the one who most wanted to be like Rossi on this day.  A winner.  Rossi, the winner of the ciruit race the day before, the winner of the district time trial that day, and the current leader and eventual winner of the Auburn Omnium.  Kessler wanted what Rossi had, and like an episode of America's Most Wanted, would stop at nothing to get it.

Kessler plotted his victory more than 24 hours before he attained it, so beyond a reason of doubt, it was premeditated.  Kessler, with his beady eyes, watched the circuit race unfold from the sideline as the real bike racers fought out Saturdays race and the Omnium.  Kessler, probably in a desperate hunt for Cat 1 upgrade points chose to bide his time, while Rossi, Hutcheson, Freed, Josh Carling and David Grundman (both from Folsom Bike) played real bike racer in the 110+ F heat.

Other riders that chose to sit out the day before's oven race were Cody Kaiser (Cal Giant) and Eric Riggs (Mikes).  As a team, we were interested in how these three fresh, and strong riders would figure into the race.

The course was a lesser version of the day before, which was a lesser version of Nevada City.  A slight rise from the start, a couple turns, and a fast decent with two turns to break it up.  The weather was mild.

The race started out surprisingly easy.  Brandon Trafton (Full Circle) put in the first solid attack on the longer climb, but in about two laps, was pulled in.  Eric Riggs attacked latter on the bump after the start finish, but we were all back together half a mile latter.  Kessler did most of the work to pull in breaks.

At some point about a quarter the way into the race, I looked around and there was only a few of us left.  From Marc Pro was Rossi, Nick and myself, Brandon Trafton a Cliff Bar rider,  Carling and Kessler.  Trafton attacked, Rossi brought him back and Kessler countered and humped his bike up the hill like a spider monkey on Viagra. This was a decisive move because everyone in the front group was noticeably tired.

Kessler quickly gathered a sizable gap, and because Marc Pro had three guys in the front, it was sour job to bring him back (as expressed by the cliff bar rider).  Rossi did 96.322% of the work, and Nick and I spit the remainder, with Trafton and Carling making cameos.  My last pull I got Kessler withing striking distance and Rossi jumped across. The non Marc Pros in the group gave a show like they were rotating, but it was weak and Kessler and Rossi were gone.

The best attempt to get across was by Carling, but he crashed in the last turn desperately trying to keep his speed to get across.   When they put him back in, he was bleeding so profusely that my military training was trying to kick in and pin him so I could put a tourniquet on the bleeding limb.  After the race he told me that he did it purposely to get out of nighttime baby duties for the week, but I doubt Amanda will fall for it.

Before we knew it, the next group on the road caught us.  From Marc Pro there was Nate Freed, some other guys, but notably Riggs.  Interestingly, Cody Kaiser did not make the selection.  Riggs is crafty, and even when he is not fit, sometimes finds a way to win.  True to form, he attacked us with two to go when everyone was complacent about the finish.  I got across to him, but the group was quickly on us.  With one to go Carling punched it one last time up the long climb.  I went with him and we had some separation.  With the last two turns I intended on sitting on him, but thought better of it when I visualized him crashing out in the last turn, so I pulled around him.  I saw Nate get his wheel, so I figured if I couldn't hold him off, Nate could possibly come around him.

Up the road, Justin unleashed an attack with one to go, but Kessler clawed his way back - then countered Justin.

Kessler held on for the win, Justin got 2nd.  Carling smoked me for third, I got fourth, and Nate ended up fifth.
More about author and team member CHUCK HUTCHESON. The baby named Chuck was born in Seattle on a dark, cloudy, and rainy day. Upon his arrival, the doctor held him up and a burst of light broke through the clouds and shown upon baby Chuck's head. Although the bright light of the sun caused baby Chuck to squint he smiled as he heard an infinite number of angels sing in unison.

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