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Initially I planned on racing Chico, but Justin Rossi informed me that I was on the "B" Team, and Chico was a practice race for the "A" Team - which was heading for Redlands. After that phone call, I cried for a bit and yelled up to the sky asking "WHY!?"

After gathering myself, I found out that Willie and Nick were also "B" Team members, so we decided to do the OTF Omnium in the Fresno area. I was going to an Archaeology conference in Visalia anyway so it pretty much worked out. Nick and Willie planned on car pooling and splitting a hotel. Everything was in place for us to crush it. Nick is always strong. Willie will either win, or pass out on puking on himself crying in fetal position for someone to take care of his dog Travis when he is gone (Note: it will be his mom, and his dad, unfortunately, is allergic to dogs). I had planned on being the weakest link after not doing my normal winter of training, dental surgery on Thursday and antibiotics since Wednesday. Yeah, I got excuses - but I also had good team mates to back me up.

That is until we get this text from Willie:

"Man, I'm freaking out! I can't come. Nick, I met this lady on the corner, she said if I pay her she will ride down with you and split the hotel."


"I'm cool. What's wrong?"



Travis, Willie's dog

Travis, Willie's dog

"I'm not sure what to do, I am waiting for my coach to call me back."

Who names their dog Travis?

Great. Now just Nick and I. Thank God he is ridding well!

After a night of not drinking free draft beer at the Archaeology convention I met Nick sans the women of the night at a hotel surrounded by homeless peoples shopping carts, meth-heads, and a security guard with a gun, a huge flashlight and sunglasses at midnight. Some Russians men in sweatpants were escorting scantly dressed women into the room below us while the directors for a German high school class field trip argued about sleeping somewhere else before heading into the Sequoia National Forest. They were gone when we woke.

Ventana Wall Individual Time Trial

The "time trial" on Saturday morning was a 2 K (my kind of distance) with a tail wind (oh yeah!) beginning with a false flat (lame!) ending in a small ring climbing wall (hope Nick does well!)

The start list had two notables:

Jack Maddux (Hot Tubes). This kid is 16, and pretty much the best rider I have ever ridden with under 20.

Blake Anton. The beard, the man, and the beard. His cycling accomplishments are only overshadowed by his unbelievable manliness that pumps out such a glorious bears. I think I gained an extra inch of hair on every part of my body just being in his presence.

My plan was to cruise the tail wind 1 K and go hard up the 1 K wall, essentially making my TT a 1 K! It didn't work. Luckily Nick did better than my below mid pack finish (regulated by an antibiotic induced governor) and tied with 1/3 of the field for 4th place to include Blake and his teammate.

Jack Maddoux, my 30 second guy who was breathing on my butt up the hill, won convincingly.

Travis Lyons (Team Mike's Bikes, not to be confused with Travis) was second

Brian Zimmy (Folsom Bike) from Sacramento - my hometown! Which practically makes us team-mates - was 3rd. Go Sac!

Congrats to Jack Maddux!  Photo - Dave Maddux

Congrats to Jack Maddux! Photo - Dave Maddux

Regardless, Nick and I had them right where we wanted.

To be continued......
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