You must have heard a lot about the amazing tour that the land of Dubai offers you called the Desert Safari. If you haven’t tried it ever then you must be very curious to know about it too. Well, this is the right place to know why Desert Safari Dubai is such a show-stealing tour of Dubai. The land of Dubai offers you an enormous amount of activities to make your trip to Dubai memorable. This tour to Desert gathers so many gratifying memories for you that you take joy from every second you spend in it. Let’s enlist all the things that partake in this one day journey of yours to make it so special.

tanura dance


Free Pick and Drop:

The Desert Safari Dubai provides you the facility of free Pick and Drop which, to be honest shakes so many burdens from your shoulders such as booking a taxi and reaching the correct address on the right time. With this privilege, you just need to book your tickets and let the Tour Company take care of the rest.

An In-Depth View of Nature:

The desert itself is such a unique region to observe the beauty of nature that you can forget every other unpleasant moment of your life. Apart from the uniform sand dunes of the desert, the flora and wildlife present there makes it more worth watching. There are some more surprises for you in the desert. You can enjoy the Camel Riding which is the most popular activity of desert. Enjoy riding the camels along with the beautiful sight of the sunset. You can interact with your camel and if you choose a wise deal than it might include visiting the camel farm. Absolutely lovely for animal lovers, I know right!

The Jaunty Experiences:

The fun just started people! There are so many exciting activities that you can give a try in the desert. These sports include:

  • Desert Dune Bashing:

The most lavish experience to have while trying out thrilling sports is Desert Dune Bashing. It contains a list of luxurious vehicles that you can choose to enjoy a bumpy raw ride of the desert in.

  • Quad Bike Riding:

Enjoy riding a Quad Bike yourself in the middle of the desert. In the previous sport, you can’t drive the vehicle yourself but in Quad Biking, the bike is all yours to get thrilled with.

  • Sand Boarding:

The soothing and safest sport is sand boarding in which you ski from the top of a high sand dune in the middle of the desert glowing with the warm sun rays. Enjoy the sloppy ride and live your life to the fullest at that moment.

The Entertainment:

desert safari dubai

There are rows of live shows presented to you by a group of professional artists. The live shows include:

  • Belly Dance
  • Tanoura Show
  • Fire Shows

These shows truly rejuvenate your day after you are done with surfing your energy in doing the adventurous sports and keep you going on till the day in desert ends.

The Ambrosial Dinner:

After the long day filled with so memories and activities, we do understand how much the hunger hits one. So, there is a delicious to the maximum food waiting for you in the desert site served in an admirable Bedouin camp which is one of the traditions of Arabs. The menu that you can choose from is with two options, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can choose the dishes option according to your preferences. The dinner is 5 Star Buffet one having so many delectable taste options in it.

Now you know how this Evening Desert Safari Dubai tour is so special to everyone. Go and check it out!

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