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Chuck Hutcheson (43)

Chuck Hutcheson
  • Hometown Sacramento, CA
  • Road Category 1
  • CX Category 1
  • Favorite Ride Loop from Auburn CA through Iowa Hill and down around Forrest Hill.
  • First Bike 77 Blue Stingray
  • Beverage Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
  • Ipod Eels and Brad Sucks
  • Team Member Since 2012

2014 Race Highlights

2013 Race Highlights

  • 1st 2013 Red Kite Masters Open Race (Criterium) Masters 30+, Sep 1st
  • 1st Hanford (Criterium) Masters 35+, Apr 7th
  • 1st Davis Bike Club 4th Of July (Criterium) Masters 35+, Jul 4th
  • 1st 8th Annual Menlo Park Grand Prix (Criterium) Masters 35+, Jul 28th
  • 1st 2013 NCNCA Masters State Championships (40-45) (Criterium) Masters 35+, Sep 1st
  • 1st Cantua Creek (Road Race) Pro 1/2, Feb 16th
  • 1st Snelling (Road Race) Pro 1/2, Feb 23rd
  • 1st Regalado (Road Race) Pro 1/2, Mar 24th
  • 1st Hanford (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Apr 7th
  • 1st Modesto (Road Race) Pro 1/2, May 19th
  • 1st Steve Dunlap (Team Time Trial) Pro 1/2, Jun 1st
  • 1st Downtown Salinas (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jun 22nd
  • 1st 2 Wheel Early Bird Womens & Mens (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Aug 18th
  • 1st 1st NCNCA Points Series (BAR) (Omnium) Pro 1/2, Sep 2nd
  • 1st NCNCA Premier Series (Omnium) Pro 1/2, Sep 2nd
  • 2nd UC Davis Collegiate Conference Championship (Road Race) A, Apr 20th
  • 2nd Land Park (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Mar 16th
  • 2nd Copperopolis (Road Race) Pro 1/2, Mar 30th
  • 2nd El Dorado Town Center (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Apr 28th
  • 2nd Modesto Harvest Moon (Criterium) Pro 1/2, May 18th
  • 2nd Victory Velo Montserrat (Circuit Race) Pro 1/2, Jun 8th
  • 2nd Victory Velo Auburn Downtown Crit (Omnium) Pro 1/2, Aug 9th
  • 2nd Lodi Cycle Fest (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jun 30th
  • 2nd Little City Stage Race (Road Race) Pro 1/2, Jul 21st
  • 2nd Winters (Road Race) Pro 1/2, Aug 24th
  • 2nd 2013 Red Kite Finale (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Aug 31st
  • 2nd Red Kite Overall (Omnium) Pro 1/2, Aug 31st
  • 2nd Coppertown (Circuit Race) Pro 123, Feb 17th
  • 3rd Cherry Pie (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Feb 10th
  • 3rd Cal Aggie (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jan 26th
  • 3rd Bariani (Road Race) Pro 1/2, Mar 17th
  • 3rd Red Kite Series #4 (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jul 6th
  • 3rd Little City Stage Race (Omnium) Pro 1/2, Jul 21st
  • 4th The Folsom Classic (Criterium) Pro 1/2, May 25th
  • 4th Victory Velo Auburn Downtown (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jun 9th
  • 4th The Burlingame (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jun 23rd
  • 4th Davis Bike Club 4th Of July (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jul 4th
  • 4th Little City Stage Race (Individual Time Trial) Pro 1/2, Jul 20th
  • 5th Red Kite Series #1 (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Mar 11th
  • 5th Red Kite Series #3 (Criterium) Pro 1/2, May 11th
  • 5th 8th Annual Menlo Park Grand Prix (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jul 28th
  • 5th Suisun Harbor (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Aug 11th
  • 5th Red Kite Series #5 (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Aug 17th
  • 6th Berkeley Hills (Road Race) Pro 1/2, May 12th
  • 6th Memorial Day (Criterium) Pro 1/2, May 27th
  • 6th San Rafael Twilight (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jul 27th
  • 6th Vacaville Gran Prix (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Aug 25th
  • 7th Original Merced (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Feb 24th
  • 7th Golden State Race Series (Circuit Race) Pro 1/2, May 5th
  • 8th Land Park (Criterium) Masters 30+, Mar 16th
  • 8th 53rd Annual Nevada City Bicycle Classic (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jun 16th
  • 8th Little City Stage Race (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jun 20th
  • 9th Tri-Valley Classic (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Jun 15th
  • 9th Giro Di San Francisco Elite State Championship (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Sep 2nd
  • 10th UC Davis Collegiate Conference Championship (Criterium) A, Apr 21st
  • 10th Santa Cruz Classic (Criterium) Pro 1/2, Apr 14th

2012 Race Highlights

More about author and team member CHUCK HUTCHESON. The baby named Chuck was born in Seattle on a dark, cloudy, and rainy day. Upon his arrival, the doctor held him up and a burst of light broke through the clouds and shown upon baby Chuck's head. Although the bright light of the sun caused baby Chuck to squint he smiled as he heard an infinite number of angels sing in unison.

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